When a person gets a bruise, some sort of injury crushes blood vessels, but the skin does not break and cause external bleeding. Anyone who notices they are bruising more often or more easily than usual should seek medical advice to rule out other health issues or seek treatment as appropriate. People taking medication who notice an increase in bleeding or bruising should consider asking a doctor whether their medication can cause bleeding. They may wish to discuss the risks and benefits of continuing treatment. A bruise develops when blood vessels sustain damage and blood leaks into tissues under the skin.

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But if the cells that regrow your nail (called the nail matrix) are damaged, it may grow in incorrectly or you may not regrow your nail at all. If necessary, your doctor can pierce your nail to drain the blood and fluid built up underneath. Don’t do this yourself because you could hurt yourself further, cause an infection, and slow your healing process. Contact your GP for advice if you have a history of regular alcohol misuse. Because of this, easy bruising is often a symptom of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

  • Alcoholic neuropathy can result in hypersensitivity to touch and even resting pain.
  • Drinking too much can alter levels of these nutrients and affect the spread of alcoholic neuropathy.
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A person with a genetic bleeding disorder has a higher risk of bruising and excessive, possibly life threatening bleeding. The bruises will look like regular bruises, alcohol and bruising on legs but they can be larger. Alcohol is a major contributing factor to liver disease, but the condition can also result from cancer and other health issues.

Treatment for Alcoholic Neuropathy

alcohol and bruising on legs

If you’re experiencing alcohol symptoms like easy bruising, or you simply want to break free from alcohol misuse, Confidant is here to help. We provide online medication assisted treatment for alcohol use, so you can begin your recovery from home. Sometimes, bruising after drinking occurs because of the fact that alcohol dilates the blood vessels.

Causes of Alcoholic Neuropathy

alcohol and bruising on legs

To combat these deficiencies, supplementation with vitamin B12, folate, vitamin E, and thiamine may be recommended. Vitamin C or K deficiency can both cause bleeding issues, which leads to bruising on the legs. They will also ask about any other symptoms the person is experiencing and whether or not they are taking any medications or supplements. In severe cases, thrombocytopenia may cause internal bleeding and brain hemorrhage.

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Herceptin side effects: What they are and how to manage them.

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Can stress cause random bruising on the legs?

alcohol and bruising on legs

One study showed that the development of a yellow color was the most noticeable change in a bruise over time. The development of a yellow color happened much faster in people who are younger than 65 years old. This study also showed that yellow bruises were generally older than 18 hours. ARLD does not often cause symptoms until it’s reached an advanced stage. If you misuse alcohol, you may have liver damage, even though you have none of the symptoms above. When a serious bleeding disorder is ruled out, we’re happy to provide reassurance,” she says.

  • Furthermore, if alcohol bruises are a result of liver damage, you likely have alcoholic liver disease, which causes severe dysfunction in the liver.
  • Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding treatment.
  • There are no medications that can help improve loss of sensation, strengthen muscle weakness, or assist with the coordination and balance problems caused by alcoholic neuropathy.
  • People with hemophilia don’t make much of several blood clotting factors, such as factor VIII and factor IX.
  • Your doctor can examine the spots and conduct any needed tests to diagnose and treat the cause of petechiae.

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