For many people, Christmas is a festive season for abundant shopping, stocking their homes with gifts, including jewelry, electronic gadgets, and so on. However, Christmas is also a time where there are more opportunities for burglaries. Here are some tips to ensure the safety of your home this Christmas!

1. Ensure That Your Home Has Sufficient Lighting.

It’s easier for burglars to operate when the visibility is low, and they have fewer chances of being spotted while attempting to break-in. If your house has adequate lighting, the risk of opportunistic burglars breaking in is reduced. Outdoor motion detector lights are an excellent and cost-effective method of home security. Any nearby motion towards your home will automatically activate the outdoor lights, which can deter burglars. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about coming home at night in the dark or walking on dim, icy sidewalks. You will feel safer and protect yourself and your family from any unwanted intruders!

2. Inspect Your Windows and Doors for Weak Spots.

Some people often use outdoor Christmas lights to decorate their homes with cables running through partially open windows and doors. This can be the perfect incentive for burglars to break in. Installing new window hinges and a few deadbolts can exponentially increase your home security. Intruders will be unable to break a window, reach around the thumb turn and flip it. The locking mechanism in deadbolts is inside doors, making it harder to reach or destroy. To prevent these risks, you may also use battery-operated or solar-powered lights where possible.

3. Lock Your Garden Equipment, Tools, and Ladders in Your Garage or Shed

Garages and sheds are usually targeted by thieves looking for tools to force entry into homes. Secure garden equipment, tools, and ladders in a locked garage or shed. These supplies often come in handy to burglars to break in when left lying around or available from open spaces. It can mainly be an issue for those who have their garage joined to their home, creating a route for burglars to break in. Don’t overlook the security aspects of your garage by solely focusing on the main entrance!

4. Be Cautious in the Disposal of Gift Packaging.

Packaging in your trash or sitting on the curb are one of the easiest ways for burglars to know that you have valuable goods. Moreover, the receipts and other personal paperwork that come along with the packages can reveal your address to burglars. Hence, make sure to shred any documents with essential details before discarding them. As for the packaging disposal, ensure that the garbage is out just before trash collection instead of a few days before. This will prevent it from lingering around and giving out crucial information to strangers.

What are the other methods you know to ensure the safety of your home for Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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