Did you know that apart from security cameras and alarms, one could also install security bars on all windows to prevent burglaries? However, as all means of security systems, even window security bars have both their pros and cons!

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Advantages of Window Bars

Africa Check, a non-profit organisation in South Africa, noted how several households implemented window bars each day. There are numerous benefits of installing window security bars, which are also called burglar bars.

Increased Security

Since unprotected windows are an obvious weak spot and can provide an easy means of access to potential intruders, it is obvious that window security bars will provide a form of security to your house and windows. These structures are made to withstand a lot of pressure and thick enough that they cannot be easily cut. If you live in a dangerous neighbourhood known for frequent property crimes, it is a must to have window security bars even if you have cameras and alarms installed.

Psychological Deterrent

It is said that window bars act as psychological deterrents. For example, window security bars on all the windows of a house could discourage and make a burglar think twice, even thrice, before breaking in a house. Intruders are further discouraged from carrying out their illegal activities due to the huge difficulty of breaking these window bars.

Decreased Anxiety of Homeowners

Even if you live in a not-so-friendly and quite dangerous neighbourhood, you will feel less stressed and worried about break-ins as a homeowner if you have window security bars installed. Window security bars help residents to worry less about home invasions and have greater peace of mind. Some people can even leave their windows open without a worry about burglars.

Protection for Children

If you have children, it is a no-brainer to install window security bars!

Window bars can protect children in a household by preventing them from falling accidentally out of windows. It also reassures parents of the protection of children from potential home mishaps while unsupervised for a short while.

Increased Home Value

If you already have window security bars installed on your windows and you are planning to sell your home, know that the value of your house might be increased due to these window bars. Why?

Because new and potential home buyers would see a highly secured home with the proper security measures implemented. It would lead to a good investment from potential buyers.


Window bars are more beneficial from a financial perspective. Compared to the installation of cameras and alarms systems, window security bars are more affordable.

If you cannot afford a camera or alarm system, you still have window security bars!

Disadvantages of Window Bars

As we said before, no security feature is completely flawless. Even window security bars have some downsides, which include:

Poor Visual Appearance

Window security bars may increase your level of security, but it can also negatively affect the aesthetics of your home. For example, if you have a house with a mountain and lake view, the window security bars will prevent you from enjoying the picturesque landscape from your windows.


Have you ever looked at the bars in a prison cell? What a similar resemblance to window bars, isn’t it?

A drawback of installing window security bars is that many homeowners feel imprisoned in their own house. Residents feel as if they are trapped inside their own homes and hence feel more suffocated than without having the security bars.


What happens if there is a fire inside your house and the only way out is through the windows? It is noted that a major disadvantage of window security bar is how it impedes escape from the house in case of emergencies like these. It can trap the person inside causing suffocation and eventually leading to the death of that individual. There have been many such fatal cases in history.

Moreover, window security bars can also act as an obstacle for rescuers, like, firefighters. For instance, it was said by the US Fire Administration that even though there are many ways to open a window bar, the process takes too much time which causes more delay to rescue people. There are some window bars which have a quick-release mechanism while some simply don’t have one.

Decrease Home Value

As stated in the above arguments, as much as it can increase your home value, it can also significantly decrease it. For instance, the installation of window security bars everywhere on our house windows will give an indirect indication to prospective buyers of the dangerous nature of the environment.

Weighing both sides of the topic, what do you think is the best argument? Please share your comments!

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