Is IP Video Surveillance for You?


    – IP video surveillance: networked operation

    – IP video surveillance: a great versatility

    – IP video surveillance: for whom?

    – Cost of IP video surveillance: not always economical

    – Advantages and disadvantages of IP video surveillance

There are two possibilities to equip a private or public space with a video surveillance system: analog or IP video surveillance.

IP video surveillance: network operation

IP (Internet Protocol) video surveillance complements analog video surveillance, which still equips most installations.

It works with the same components (cameras, monitor, recorder, cables) but goes through a computer network:

    – IP cameras are installed on an IP network (Intranet, Internet, LAN – local area network, PLC – powerline carrier current, that is to say, electrical outlets – or VPN …) and connected to a central video surveillance server: they capture images and send them to the network;

    – the video surveillance server is equipped with video surveillance software: it is the heart of the system; it retrieves the images and stores them on a hard disk.

IP video surveillance: a great versatility

IP video surveillance has many advantages related to its functionalities. Thanks to the network and via the Internet:

    – images can be viewed in real-time and consulted at any time on any computer connected to the network;

    – the cameras can be managed remotely: configuration, maintenance, zoom…

    – the images are accessible on a PDA or a mobile phone.

The IP cameras are very sophisticated and are equipped with many functions: alarm system, motion sensors, heat sensors, counting, silhouette detection…

This technology also allows the storage of a vast number of images without loss of quality.

IP video surveillance: for whom?

This type of video surveillance is recommended in several cases:

    – for small installations of one to three surveillance cameras;

    – for companies or organizations that already have an organized and stable computer network and an IT department or computer specialist.

Cost of IP video surveillance: not always economical

IP video surveillance systems are considered cheaper than analog video surveillance if installed on an existing computer network.

It is unnecessary to replace all the hardware to access newer functionalities. You can change the video surveillance software (this is the heart of the system).

On the other hand, they are much less economical if the network has to be installed.

Also, they require the permanent services of a computer specialist or IT department.

Advantages and disadvantages of IP video surveillance

Here is a summary table of the different aspects of this type of video surveillance.




Benefits from all the functionalities of the Internet

Few choices of cameras (size, shape…)


Multiple thanks to network technology: You can integrate IP video surveillance with other IP technologies (security system, video conferencing…).


– Can be installed on an existing computer network (economy)

– Compatible with all types of cabling: IP, coaxial… or wireless (WiFi)
– No major work to be expected
– Everything goes through a computer: no need for a monitor, recorder …
– Great flexibility of camera installation: possibility to easily add or change the location of the cameras.

Complex: many adjustments, presence of a computer specialist is essential.

Viewing images

– On network computers or via the Internet (PC, PDA, GSM)

– Real-time image viewing
– Possible adjustment of the images (size, zoom…)
– Cameras can be remotely controlled (depending on the model)

Images of lower quality than with an analog installation


No maintenance contract required: can be done remotely by the IT department

Computer scientist


– Locking access to images with a password

– Can be coupled with a security system (alarm…)


Cost of IP cameras cheaper than analog cameras

Vital if you need to plan the installation of the network

Hope this post would have helped you decide whether this type of security system is indeed for you. Please, remember to write down your comments below.

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