In addition to keeping a fire extinguisher in the home as a first-aid measure, smoke alarms and fire alarms are essential to ensure the home’s safety. The installation of a fire alarm reduces the risk of death from fire by 70%. Smoke alarms come in various forms and options, from simple battery-operated smoke detectors to large-scale alarm systems that automatically notify emergency services.

Types of Fire Alarms

Smoke Detector

The simplest type of fire alarm is a smoke detector. They come in a variety of styles and are relatively inexpensive. The type of smoke detector often depends on the room in which it is installed.

In the case of a fire, the most dangerous thing is not the flames but the smoke. This is why smoke detectors are so essential. There are three main types: ionization smoke detectors, optical smoke detectors, and thermal smoke detectors. But what is the difference between them?

Ionizing Smoke Detectors

Ionizing smoke detectors operate based on radioactive materials that emit small particles, creating a circuit. The circuit is broken, and the alarm is triggered. Because they are radioactive, they can no longer be sold. If you want to replace them, choose optical smoke detectors.

Optical Smoke Detectors

Optical smoke detectors are the most popular smoke detectors in homes and businesses. Optical smoke detectors work by using infrared light. The alarm will be turned on if the smoke detector’s view is obstructed. Optical smoke detectors detect fires more quickly than ionization smoke detectors.

Thermal Smoke Detectors

Thermal smoke detectors are activated by temperature, not smoke. When the temperature rises, the alarm is triggered. It is best used in places where smoke accumulates, such as kitchens.

Which Is the Best Choice?

Since thermal smoke detectors do not react to smoke, only temperature, it is preferable to use optical smoke detectors in homes. After all, the most dangerous part of a fire is the smoke. Optical smoke detectors will alert you when there is hazardous smoke and encourage you to evacuate. Adding thermal smoke detectors to the kitchen is always helpful.

Sprinkler installation

A sprinkler system detects and signals an initial fire in a controlled manner. It tries to suppress the initial fire, but it cannot extinguish it completely. Besides, since the system operates locally, water damage is limited.

The fire can be optimally controlled by setting the correct flow rate and calculating the proper distance. The price depends on the height of the building and the desired flow rate.

Fire Safety, Standpipe, Sprinkler, Valve, Plumbing
Fire Safety, Standpipe, Sprinkler, Valve, Plumbing

Fire Alarm System

Smoke detectors are connected to the alarm system. As soon as smoke is detected, a siren will ring. It will also automatically notify the emergency services and pre-set contacts.

This allows remote locations to be alerted when smoke is detected. Time savings and safety are the most significant advantages of an integrated fire alarm system. Even if you are not present, the emergency services will be notified immediately.

Advantages of Fire Alarm Systems

Preventive Effect

Fire alarm systems have a substantial preventive effect. Just like security alarms notify you whenever there are burglars, in the same way, fire alarms can detect smoke beforehand.

Increase Your Sense of Security

Money or other means cannot always guarantee a greater sense of security. If you live in a remote area or your home is at a higher than average risk of fire, you may not feel very safe in your home when it is late and dark. With a fire alarm, you can regain a sense of security, knowing that the alarm system will go on in case of an issue.

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