Horror movies always choose parking areaswith dim lighting, echoing footsteps following the protagonist, and crouching shadowsto create their classic scary scenes. And at the same time, these films have contributed to building a very negative prejudice regarding the garages’ safety.

However, parking lot owners, managers, and operators have a chance to show that Hollywood movies can be misleading; and offer their clients peace of mind by maximizing the security of garages and parking lots. By taking the work of increased security measures, you will provide better experiences for your customers while enhancing your overall business operations.

Ensuring that a parking lot is safe can be a significant challenge since most of them have unrestricted access to all public. And the sheer size of many of them requires everyone to observe and plan carefully to optimize their design and ensure customer safety.

Below, we take a look at the most effective measures that can be taken to secure parking lots.

Useful Security Methods

There are two ways operators can improve their customers’ security and balance their accounts simultaneously; by implementing a vehicle control and access software and incorporating cutting-edge technology. And as a result, it is highly likely that customers will feel more secure due to the security measures deployed all over the place and recommend it by word of mouth. The best methods to provide parking lot security should include the following:

  • Keep all sectors well lit, especially stairs.

  • Install intercom telephony (inter-phones) to use any customer who is stranded or needs some kind of assistance.

  • Alarm panels with immediate response from security guards, who will approach the place where they are required.

  • Well lit waiting shelters for customers.

  • Introduction of signage signs for areas, levels, terminals, etc. They follow a well-determined logic.

  • Installation of CCTV cameras (closed-circuit television; video surveillance) regularly monitored.

  • Display of notifications about the security measures in place at the facilities (for example, “Smile, we’re filming it.”)

Use Cutting-Edge Equipment

The use of state-of-the-art technology plays a vital role in the security of car parks and parking lots. Owners, administrators, and operators should continuously seek to incorporate new technologies to ensure their success and greater profitability, such as:

  • Install a CCTV system and image analysis software to detect if a person is loitering in the same area with a suspicious attitude. This way, you can take proactive action and neutralize a possibly dangerous situation.

  • Use an automatic license plate recognition system and set up a blacklist, which immediately notifies the operator if a vehicle with a suspicious patent enters the establishment.

  • Use a system that helps the customer and operator locate their vehicle if they forgot where they left it.

  • Use a system to alert and notify registered customers if any type of problem arises at the premises. They can be sent text messages or e-mail to their cell phones to warn them that an emergency has occurred and inform them regularly about the news in the establishment.

If your parking lot is primarily intended for employees who use it regularly, it is always wise to establish a series of rudimentary security protocols. Employees need to know who to call if they are suspicious. They should also practice useful safety tips for parking, such as keeping the phone in their pocket when walking to the car or even in groups. These tips are more difficult to implement in parking lots used by clients, but some additional signs can help inform people.

Enforcing Parking Rules

Although having security personnel is quite old fashioned, it actually works wonders! Some extra security guards are always an excellent way to keep your premises safe if you have a special event, higher traffic due to vacations, or other reasons requiring more security.

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