Security film is a special coating to be applied on your windows to prevent break-ins and offer better resistance. It has many advantages, provided that the installation is carried out correctly.

The characteristics of a security film

Security film is a coating of variable thickness, ranging from 50 to 300 microns, which is applied to the inside or outside of the window. It is usually made of polyester or PVC. Most models are colourless and, depending on their type, can be impact-resistant, burglar-resistant or shatter-resistant. Successful installation is essential for the longevity and invisibility of the security film.

The different types of safety films

There are several types of safety films that will not offer the same features:

– Some are simply anti-shatter, meaning they are thick enough to contain the shrapnel from a shock.

– Others can be affixed inside or outside, and are designed to be burglar resistant. In addition to retaining the shards, they are thicker and more resistant, which keeps the glass in place and prevents it from dismantling, even when an attempt is made to break it.

– Finally, there are also films with a thickness of 200 microns, offering resistance to impacts but also to the blast of an explosion.

Please note: depending on the location chosen for installation, check that the safety film is well adapted to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Important: taking the right measurements

Taking the right measurements is paramount when purchasing your safety film. To do this, you need to measure the dimensions of your window in width and height. It is also advisable to add a few centimetres to ensure a safety margin.

How do I affix a safety film?

Before you start installing the film, check that the measurements match the film you have. Once this is done, take a scraper, a squeegee, a cutter and a suitable window washing product in the form of a sprayer.

Proceed as follows:

1. Clean the surface of the glass, exterior or interior, depending on the model, using the window cleaner and squeegee.

2. Scrape any unevenness on the surface to obtain a clean, neat and smooth surface; this will determine the quality of the rendering and the longevity of the film.

3. Using the cutter, cut the film by adding 3 cm to the dimensions of your window.

4. Remove the film and soak the adhesive side with slightly soapy water.

5. Apply the safety film with the adhesive side in contact with the glass.

6. Moisten the film and squeegee from the centre to the sides, starting from the top.

7. Using the cutter, cut the safety film to the dimensions of your window.

8. Pass the squeegee through again to get rid of any remaining air bubbles.

Please note: Some models of safety films offer an application kit that often consists of a perfectly adapted squeegee, a sprayer, a scraper and a cutter. It is up to you to take it or not, depending on your tools and your ease of application. Don’t hesitate to ask the salesman for advice if you have any doubt.

Where to find a safety film and for what price?

The safety film is a coating offering many advantages. You can find it in specialized stores, but also on websites that offer a wide range of choices. Count $15 for an impact-resistant safety film of 1×1.50 m and $27 for a safety film of the same dimensions but of higher resistance.

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