The maintenance and upkeep of the various pipes also involve work that is carried out exclusively by experts. This is the case with the television inspection, which is carried out both for diagnosis and repair. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about televised camera inspection.

What is a security camera?


TVI, or television inspection, is the inspection of various pipes using a camera. This operation is only carried out by experts to unblock a pipe efficiently.

The camera used is generally of the endoscopic type and is used to explore hard-to-reach areas inside the pipes. The advantage of this operation is that it allows a deep exploration of the pipes without the need to dig.

Depending on the results obtained, various solutions are proposed, such as an unblocking or a repair. It should be noted that this intervention is carried out as well on latrine pipes, swimming pools, underground or buried networks, and many others. For all work in this field, do not hesitate to contact the services of a professional.

Why does it?

During a television inspection, many elements are to be inspected. First of all, this pipe inspection helps to detect operating or architectural anomalies in the connections and pipes. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Geometry or assembly defects
    • Obstruction of the channels (tree roots, branches, debris, etc.)
    • Deformation
    • Cracks

The inspection also looks inside the service boxes and manholes. At this stage, the professionals take a look at the following:

    • The downspout system
    • The plug
    • The culvert
    • The chimney

Why should I have a security camera or TV inspection?

A TV inspection is usually performed when you notice that your pipes are extremely clogged. It is the last resort when all conventional means of unclogging are ineffective.

But more specifically, these inspections intervene in a diagnosis of an old network or during the installation of a new network. Concretely, it can be used to appreciate the state of a network and to note that this last one is always with the standards.

It is also used to delimit underground pipe networks. This inspection is the starting point to repair a leak (water or gas), an infiltration, or blocked pipes.

It applies to the pipe network of private individuals, companies, or even large industrial structures. For this purpose, the professionals have equipment adapted to small or large networks.

They are pipe specialists, just like the HVAC experts who only deal with air conditioning.

How does it work?

Just as choosing a heat pump or an electric radiator means saving money on heating, choosing a specialized company is the first step towards efficient and cheap work.

Depending on the area to be inspected, the camera used can be small to be pushed by hand or larger to be integrated into a specialized self-propelled cart. Its diameter allows it to adapt to the opening of all types of pipes.

It is equipped with a light to illuminate dark and restricted areas. The camera also has a good waterproofing so as to offer the best image resolution in a dry and wet areas.

The different steps

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Before starting the intervention, the professionals carry out a cleaning of the pipes. The objective is to have an unobstructed access to the different areas to be explored and to offer good visibility to the camera. Once the pipes are cleared, the camera is inserted, and the viewing of the interior is done on a connected computer.

The operator in charge takes the time to carefully check all the details of the pipe displayed on the screen. At the end of the procedure, a detailed report is sent to the applicants by the specialized company.

This report includes the reasons for the inspection, the parts inspected with their location, the equipment used, and the results of the observations. It also lists the work to be done to remedy the problems detected.

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