Why Buy a Smart Scale

Why Buy a Smart Scale?


    – What is a smart scale?

    – Long-term use of the smart scale

    – Why buy a smart scale?

    – How to choose a smart scale

    – Purchase and price of the smart scale


Smart scales have made their way into bathrooms. This modern tool, whose functions can only be operated with a smartphone, does not only indicate weight: the measured data range from BMI calculation to interesting notions for your doctor. The options are not always the same for a price starting at $50.

What is a smart scale?

A smart scale is primarily a technological object. This means that, without a smartphone or Wi-Fi connection, you won’t have much use for it. If you are equipped, however, the smart scale can measure some interesting things.

Measuring BMI

The body mass index is a value that establishes a ratio between your weight and your height. To calculate it, you must tell the scale your size, gender, and age. The scale will then be able to tell you whether or not your BMI is within the norm. However, this only indicates being balanced according to your lifestyle or health conditions.

Measuring body fat

More than the weight in kilos, which is your body mass, a smart scale can calculate the percentage of fat mass in your body. Again, this is only an estimate since the technique used (sending a weak electric current and analyzing the body’s resistance, fat being more resistant than muscles) can only take into account the reaction of your legs.

Various measurements

The smart scale can also measure water mass (or the amount of fluid in your body), muscle mass and bone mass.

Long-term use of the smart scale

These are the basic functions of most smart scales. Some go even further and can detect heart rate (and blood pressure problems) or the user’s daily caloric needs.

All these data are sent to a dedicated application on the smartphone, which allows analysis, monitoring over several days, or even sharing (with a health professional, for example, or with friends to compare the evolution of its physical form).

Why buy a smart scale?

Most of the measurements taken by a smart scale can be done without being sent to a smartphone. Nevertheless, this connection allows you to follow your progress over several days and see if you are getting closer or further away from your goal.

As previously mentioned, the smart scale allows you to communicate with your doctor (or your trainer) to transmit your results or to share your success on social networks.

Another significant advantage is that the smart scale can be synchronized with other objects: connected bracelets for athletes, heart rate monitors, and kitchen scales.

Good to know: you can take advantage of a virtual coach for the machines that offer it.

Choosing the right smart scale

Why Buy a Smart Scale

You will not necessarily need all the options smart scales offer depending on your needs. Their list can be a criterion of choice, but there are others.


Some scales are only compatible with iOS systems, others with Android…

The display

You should be able to read the numbers and indications given by your scale easily. Sometimes, the emphasis is more on the design than this practical aspect.

The application

The interest in a smart scale does not stop at the box’s content. Ask to see screenshots of the application that you will consult each time you use it or, at the very least, to know if it offers an advice service.

The design

It would seem almost trivial in light of the performance of these weight measurement tools, but manufacturers are increasingly addressing this issue, and not all scales are alike.

Purchase and price of the smart scale

Home appliance stores have a special place on their shelves dedicated to smart scales. You will also find a wide choice online, as the models are increasingly numerous.

Some decently smart scales are on sale for as little as $50. The more advanced models are on sale for around $150. As this market is relatively new, it is important to know how to turn to lesser-known brands which are impressive for their quality.

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