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 – The importance of the smoke detector

 – Where to install a smoke detector?

 – What types of smoke detectors are there?

 – The heat detector: an alternative to the smoke detector

 – What is the price of a smoke detector, and where to buy it?

The smoke detector is used for the fire alarm and detects a fire as part of the fire safety system. It allows you to be instantly notified of a fire, which is particularly helpful when you are not present or sleeping.

The importance of the smoke detector

The smoke detector is the most effective system for alerting residents to a fire, especially at night: this is why its use is becoming widespread.

What is the purpose of a smoke detector?

When a fire starts, you have to act quickly: we often say that if a glass of water is enough to put out a fire in the first minute, you need a bucket of water in the second minute and a tanker in the third!

Regardless of how it works, the smoke detector will alert those present at the first sign of fire. Its role is crucial in the case of fires that break out at night.

Mandatory smoke detector

The law requires all owners to install smoke detectors.

You must install at least one smoke detector in each dwelling you own, whether an owner-occupier or a landlord.

If your home is rented, you can:

 – provide the smoke detector to the tenant;

 – reimburse the tenant for the smoke detector that he has installed at his own expense.

Where to install a smoke detector?

You can install one in any building, whether for a home alarm or a business alarm.

 – The detector must be installed on the ceiling or at the top of the walls since smoke always stagnates towards the top of a room.

 – It is best to install a smoke detector on each floor of your building. The basement should also be equipped.

 – Preferred rooms are:

 ◦ bedrooms, so it can warn you in time if you are sleeping;

 ◦ the stairs, which are a place quickly invested by a fire, which thus allows being warned quickly;

 ◦ in rooms with many electrical appliances such as the living room (TV, computer …), since they are often responsible for a fire.

Note that a detector should not be installed in a bathroom, kitchen, or near a ventilation system because it may be triggered for no reason or, on the opposite, may not be activated during a fire.

Do not install the detector near the corner formed by the wall and the ceiling: the air does not circulate in this area, so the smoke will not disperse in this zone. There should be at least 15 cm between the detector and the corner. Similarly, the detector should not be located at the top of a sloping ceiling but about 1 m lower.

Finally, the smoke detector should not be located in the common areas of the building but the housing.

What are the types of smoke detectors?

smoke detector

The autonomous smoke detector

Very simple to install, this detector works on batteries. Be careful when choosing your batteries:

 – Lithium batteries that last about 10 years;

 – Alkaline batteries that wear out quickly: after 2 years maximum.

Note: authorized models must emit a specific noise to warn when the battery needs to be replaced. You then do not have to worry about the operation of your detector.

The smoke detector on the mains

It operates by default on the mains but has been specially designed to work during a power cut: it has an alkaline battery backup. If you go on vacation, you can turn off the electricity without worrying about your fire alarm. Some mains-powered smoke detectors are integrated into a wired alarm.

The interconnected detector

This detector is connected to other smoke detectors to spread the alarm throughout the building. The sensors can be connected by electric wires or by radio waves. It can be autonomous or in the sector.

What is the price of a smoke detector, and where can I buy it?

You can buy a stand-alone smoke detector in DIY stores or specialized stores.

There are several qualities of detectors that will influence the price. Do not hesitate to invest in quality: you will have fewer inappropriate fire alarms and an emergency lighting system when the fire has caused a power failure.

Here are the prices for simple detectors:

Type of detectors


Self-contained smoke detector

from $10 to $60

Mains smoke detector

from $55 to $90

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