In the last few years, smart home products have gained the upper hand over gadgets. With products ranging from innovative enhancements to items we now rely on for our daily activities, such as smart televisions and smart kitchen appliances, smart home products have radically changed the way we use our spaces. As with any technological evolution, some smart home devices are better than others. Here are a few examples of “smart home” products that have revolutionized the way we live.

1) Google Nest

Do you ever want to find something on Google but find it irritating that you always have to turn on the pc or need your computer within reach? Simply ask Google a Google Nest, a voice-activated assistant that can answer your burning questions. The device allows users to use voice commands to interact with services through Google Assistant, the virtual assistant. Besides, Google Nest can also set timers, read you the news, turn on your favorite music, inform you of the current weather forecast, and call your friends and family!

2) Click and Grow Smart Garden

For many of us who haven’t been lucky enough to have a green thumb, the Click and Grow Smart Garden can take care of your plants, making sure they get enough water, sun, and food without excessive effort on your part. The kit includes a biodegradable plant pod containing the seeds and nutrients necessary for the growth of the chosen herb. After plugging in the unit and putting water in its tank, it will accurately provide your plants with what they need at all times. You will enjoy fresh plants in just a few weeks, entirely grown on-site, organic, and pesticide-free!

3) Doorbell Video Ring

It is estimated that more than one-third of Americans have had packages stolen from their homes at least once, a number we can only expect to increase as online shopping becomes more and more prevalent. Homeowners and renters can now better protect themselves against theft by investing in the Doorbell Video Ring. The device enables users to see, hear and talk to those on the other side of their front door using any intelligent device. It also provides a 24/7 video stream, where users can get a live view and record video of all the actions that occur outside their home. Although the camera alone cannot stop thieves on their tracks, you will have video evidence to hand over to local authorities to ensure that this does not happen more than once.

4) Nest Learning Thermostat

If you’ re conscious of your carbon footprint, the Nest Learning Thermostat can be a great way to help keep your home energy efficient. True to its name, the unit keeps track of your lifestyle, automatically adjusting the temperature in your home for you when you don’t need it, such as when you’re away at work or on vacation. On average, Nest estimates that thermostat owners cut their heating bills by an average of 10 percent and their air conditioning bills by 15 percent, which the brand estimates to be between $131 and $145 a year.

5) Roku Streaming Stick +

Numerous TV models available now feature smart capabilities that allow viewers to stream their favorite online content from Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon Prime directly to their screens. That’s great if you’re in the market for a smart TV, but if you can’t afford a brand new TV, the Roku Streaming Stick + offers users the same smart streaming but without having to invest in a whole new entertainment setup. Just plug it into your existing TV, sync it with your home’s Wi-Fi, and you’ll soon be able to watch all your favorite online content without the need to mirror the screen on a secondary device.

Which of these smart home products are you planning to get for your new space? Let us know in the comments below!

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