Which type of home security cameras are you aware of? You will be amazed to know about the various devices that exist on the market today! As you know, having a security camera system at home is a necessity because of the increasing number of burglaries nowadays!


Box-style camera

Do you know which home security camera type was the first on the market? Yes, you guessed right! It is a traditional box-style camera! It obviously got its name from its rectangular box-like shape. You can add this camera anywhere and mount it in any direction you choose. These cameras are easily personalized and camouflaged. Furthermore, you can link this camera to your computer to see what is happening in real-time. You can also record what the camera sees and play it back later!

Dome camera

You can easily fix a dome camera directly on your ceiling. It includes a camera and lens mounted inside a dome-shaped cover. This camera is also very easy to dust and clean. Dome cameras are perfect for monitoring large rooms!

PTZ camera

A PTZ camera lets you pan the lens around, tilt the lens up and down, and zoom in and out of objects. Hence PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom! All you need is a remote to control the camera. You can also program a PTZ camera to track movements automatically!


IP camera

An IP camera operates over an Internet Protocol; therefore, you can link it to an online network in your home. It connects to a software program on a computer on your property and may also work on a mobile application.

Bullet camera

A bullet camera has a bullet-like shape, and also its lens is secured in its slim cylindrical body. Moreover, the enclosure is fully sealed off, thus reducing the need for maintenance as it is waterproof and dust-proof. Moreover, it has a small hood that prevents bright lights from shining into the camera and causing blurred recordings.

Thermal camera

A thermal camera is designed for darker or secluded areas. This type of camera uses thermal imaging, and it reviews the heat produced by objects. Therefore, this identifies people moving around the interior or exterior of your home. That’s amazing as it will work really well outside your home at night!


Spy camera

This home security surveillance camera uses a form that is similar to that of other everyday items. For instance, you can have a discreet camera in the shape of a smoke detector, a wall outlet, or even a teddy bear! This is fascinating! Since this camera is camouflaged, it provides you with more security!

Wide dynamic camera

Have you ever imagined a home security camera that could easily identify things in any brightness? If yes, then the wide dynamic camera model is for you as it balances the light levels in a given space to give the best possible exposure. It actually reviews every single pixel of light it comes across and adjusts it based on what it finds. It can also make dark areas look brighter and can decrease the intensity of very bright lights. Hence, it is perfect for my garage!

Outdoor camera

An outdoor camera is designed specifically for the outdoors because it can withstand very cold and hot temperatures! However, it might sometimes also require additional protective insulation. So, beware of extremely cold weather and insulate your camera so that it does not freeze!


Varifocal camera

This is a camera whose lens can be manually adjusted in any way that you find appropriate. However, you can also control the focus of its lens with a remote. Moreover, this adds a bit of versatility to your camera and lets you see anything in a clear manner!

Now, you are aware of all the types of home security cameras, and you also know where they can be used! All you need to do is to choose your perfect home security camera by keeping its quality and features in mind! Please do not forget to share your comments below!

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