The arm awning is a device that allows you to protect yourself from the sun in summer. It is sometimes made of different materials. To install this device, you must plan a minimum budget. How much does it take to install an aluminum arm awning? Answer the following!

1. Consider the price of an aluminum awning at the time of purchase depending on the system


You have decided to install an aluminum awning in your house. For this project, you have to pay for the blind first. This price is a parameter that you must foresee in the installation budget. Indeed, there are different systems of aluminum arm blinds that you can pay for.

2. Motorized aluminum arm awning

This is the most popular blind system. It rolls up and down by itself. It works with an electric motor hidden in a box and a switch or remote control. In fact, a motorized aluminum arm awning offers comfort thanks to its radio function that allows the system to be operated remotely.

If you have a motorized arm awning, you should know that you can activate it from a single terminal. You could also create group rules. Its only weakness is its motor. When it breaks down, you are obliged to call a specialized artisan. Its price, excluding installation, varies between 400 $ and 1800 $.

3. Manual aluminum arm awningblinds

If you want to spend less on your project, you can opt for a manual aluminum arm awning. Less popular than the previous one, this one opens and closes thanks to a crank located on one of the sides. In fact, to operate a manual aluminum arm awning, you must turn the crank so that the articulated arms unroll the fabric from the support.

It should be noted that this is a system that, over time, becomes increasingly difficult to handle and require some repairs. For this reason, it is advisable to perform general lubrication of the system every year.

Furthermore, this aluminum arm awning cannot be operated from inside a home. You have to go outside to open or close it. Its price varies between 300 $ and 1200 $ without taking into account the installation.

4. Anticipate the cost of labor

The cost of installing an aluminum arm awning usually ranges from $200 to $700, depending on the type of installation and the size. The cost can also vary depending on the opening system (manual or motorized), the accessibility of the site, and the condition of the support.

Indeed, it is easier to install your aluminum arm awning on the front of your house than on a small balcony. As for the labor cost of the artisans, note that it depends on the region. However, on the estimate that the professional makes, the additional costs and the price of the aluminum arm blind should be mentioned.

5. Predicting the cost of the work


To decipher the budget for the installation of an aluminum arm awning, it is important to call on one or more professionals in your area. This way, you can ask for several quotes and compare them in order to choose the craftsman who best meets your expectations.

The standard estimate for the installation depends on the system to be installed:

    1. For the wall installation of an aluminum arm awning with an integral box, with simple motorization, you can expect 1299 $.
    2. For a motorized blind with a radio link, you need 1899 $.
    3. You should allow 799 $ for the installation of an awning with aluminum arms.

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