Did you know that some dogs have a natural instinct to protect their homes and families? Home intruders are no match for these strong and brave guard dogs. If you find yourself wondering “what is the best guard dog?”, then you are in the right place. Together, let’s discover some of the best guard dog breeds for your home security!

#1. Akita

An Akita is a large and muscular dog breed that originates from the Land of the Rising Sun and it was formerly used to guard the royals and nobles during feudal Japan. Usually, the Akita can be divided into two species:

  • The Japanese Akita, also called Akita Inu, comes in handful of colourings. 
  • The American Akita, which can come in all dog colours.

The Akita is known for boldness, fearlessness and loyalty. In Japan, they are known as family protectors and are also regarded as symbols of happiness and good life. They have very powerful protective instincts, are suspicious of strange people and animals and have a strict loyalty when it comes to their owner’s family.

You will be amazed to learn that these animals can track and hunt wild boars, black bears and even deer. They never back down from challenges and are not easily frightened. Moreover, these robust animals can even resist harsh weather conditions.

The Akira is known worldwide due to the true and heart-touching story of Hachiko. The story involves Hachiko, a Japanese Akita dog and Ueno, a Tokyo professor who brought Hachiko to live with him as his pet. At the end of each working day, the dog used to go and greet his owner at the train station. However, on 21st May 1925, Ueno died and never appeared at the train station due to a cerebral haemorrhage. But for each day of the following nine years, the dog went at the same train station and wait for the return of his master. As a result, even after its death in 1935, the dog is remembered for its exceptional loyalty to its owner, and even has been immortalized in books, manga and even a statue outside of Shibuya Station.

Despite its remarkable traits, the Akira doesn’t mix well with other animals and additionally, only an experienced person can gain its loyalty. So, if you never had a dog before, better not to take any risks!

#2. Rottweiler

Did you know that the world-famous actor Will Smith has not one but four Rottweilers?

Rottweilers, also called Rotties by their fans, are among the most ancient breeds that go back to the Roman Empire. These animals were originally used to pull carts for butchers or to herd livestock but now they are mostly used as search and rescue dogs, guard dogs, and police dogs. However, did you know that these animals could have gone nearly extinct in the late 19th century?

Rottweilers are confident and courageous animals who can be extremely energetic and perform heavy-duty tasks. They are highly defensive of their owner’s families and will protect them to any extent. Furthermore, they are fast learners who are also known for their high intelligence. They also have very loyal and lovable personalities. They can be very sweet and playful with owner families.

Why is it then that these animals are often portrayed as evil ones by the media?

Because Rottweilers can sometimes be very stubborn, aggressive and even over-protective. But if they are socialized and well-trained, these problems can be avoided. Besides, proper training can also prevent their barking from becoming a headache.

#3. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher, one of the world’s finest protection dogs, originated in Germany during the late 1800s and was used as a guard dog. It is believed that it is a mixture of the Rottweiler, Black and Tan Terrier, and German Pinscher. With their sleek bodies, long muzzles and graceful gaits, Dobermanns are known as aristocrat dogs.

Due to their robust and muscular statures, they are known for their high speed and endurance and can even launch effective attacks when threatened. Do you know that they can pin an intruder to the wall or corner them?

But wait there’s more! The Dobermann is classified as the fifth smartest dog breed globally and is recognized for its high level of intelligence. However, despite being an intelligent and vigilant guard dog, it is prone to some health conditions like spinal compression, blood clotting problems, obesity and some skin diseases.

So, what do you think is better as a dog guard? The Akita, Rottweiler or Doberman Pinscher? Please share your comments below!

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