Home security systems don’t usually guarantee a hundred percent security of your home. There are times when thieves can outsmart our smart devices.

However, there are ways to turn the tables on these burglars by hiding your most valuable items in places where no one will even bother to search through.

This list does not comprise of complicated hidden safes but rather, relatively simple places to hide your prized possessions.

In the Refrigerator

Do you want to know one of the places where even the curious thieves won’t look? The fridge!

You can take some of your cash, put it in a Tupperware and then keep it in the freezer. It is recommended to use an opaque one so as the money is not visible even to anyone who happens to open it.

And, do you think that burglars will look in your refrigerator coils? Of course not! Then, why not wear some gloves, unscrew the panel and put some money inside for safekeeping.

In a Soccer Ball

Don’t just kick the ball but use it to store your precious belongings. If you have tons of balls in your house, take one and using a sharp knife, cut along the patches’ sides and remove the flap. Place the stash inside and after securing it with tape, resew the flap.

In a Spare Tire

What you need is a spare tire and a spare wheelbarrow wheel. You deflate the tire, insert goods such as essential pen drives and jewellery and then re-inflate it.

Under the Floor

With some general woodworking skills and some tips from the Internet, you can easily create a built-in floor compartment for your valuable possessions. All you need to do is cut out a small piece of your hardwood flooring away from underfloor plumbing and wiring systems. Then, you can place your prized items inside and used the cut wood as a lid.

Behind a Drawer

Thieves may look inside drawers but not behind them. Not all drawers go all the way back on their tracks and sometimes there is even a small space on the underside of the drawer. So why don’t you take some cash or important papers, put them in a sealed envelope and stick them at the back or underside of a drawer.

Buried Inside Houseplants

What kind of thief will think about stealing a plant? Only one with a very low IQ!

Take a medicine bottle and put some cash in it and place it under a plant.

Fake Containers

Suppose you are a thief; would you have a look inside those food containers found in the kitchen? Most probably not, unless you were feeling really peckish. Take already-labelled food containers and place some cash inside. For instance, spray the inside of a mayonnaise jar with cream-coloured plastic paint and then insert some money inside. In that way, no one will even think that money is hidden in a mayonnaise container.

Use Paint Cans

What do you with the paint cans once you have used all the paint inside? Why throw it when you can use it? Take an empty paint can, store some essential valuables inside and place it along with other paint cans. However, always remember to put a small mark on the can so as you do not forget what’s really inside.

Toilet Tanks

Don’t worry, we are not talking about flushing the valuables but rather hiding them. How?

By removing the cover from the tank, stick your stash to the cover and put it back.

Stuffed Animals

Kids always seem to have a lot of stuffed toys so why don’t you take a few from them.

You start by neatly cutting a slit in one of the toys and then removing enough of the stuffing to add some cash or other precious items inside. Once you have placed your stash, you can resew the stuffed toy.

False Wall Sockets

Did you know that there are some online companies sell false wall sockets? The purpose? To use them as a hiding place for valuable items. With these fake wall sockets, jewellery or some small precious objects can be easily hidden.

So, would you hide your items in stuffed animals, toilet tanks or under the floor? Please share your comments!

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