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Movies and television show often shape what and how we think about home burglaries. However, what is portrayed in the media is often different in reality. This is why today, we will debunk some of the common myths people have on home burglaries.

Myth 1: Most People Do Not Need to Worry About a Home Burglary

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Completely Wrong!

All of us need to be concerned and aware of the possibility of a burglary. For instance, did you know that the United States is the world leader when it comes to burglaries? According to a crime report by the FBI, it is indicated that at least one in every thirty-six American homes can be burglarized per year. Another research shows that four burglaries can occur every 60 seconds, meaning one every 15 seconds. Can you imagine that?

Besides, my dear friend, if you are not careful enough, the next home might be yours.

Myth 2: Most Burglaries Happen While You Are at Home Asleep

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Once again, wrong!

Imagine this: You are a thief and you have to rob a house. Won’t you do your homework if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success? And, tell me, does it make sense to steal at night with all the residents in the house and take the risk of getting caught?

Compared to what you usually see in movies and television shows, most burglaries do not occur in the dead of night while you are asleep. Thieves usually know how many people live inside a house, what are the daily activities of the residents and when the lights usually go off. As they want the job done fast, they will observe and identify the weak points and will try to make most of them during the day itself. For example, as per statistics, 65 % of home burglaries occur between 6 am and 6 pm, the time when most people are at work.

Myth 3: The Back of the Home Is a Thief’s First Choice in Point of Entry

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Do you think that home burglary is synonymous with the sound of broken glass or a forced back door lock? Not really. Instead, as per the National Crime Statistics, 33 % of home invaders usually enter the house through the front door. But, you will be surprised when I tell you that almost 1 in 4 times, the front door is left unlocked. In addition, there are even some burglars who target specific homes only because of the type of the front door, like a hollow core one.

Therefore, if you don’t want your valuables gone, always make sure you check the front door (and all other entries) are locked.

Myth 4: Burglars Are Scared of Big Dogs

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Do you know how many people actually believe that a barking dog can deter scare off burglars completely?

It might be true that having a dog at home, especially a huge and quite scary one, can make your house much more safer and increase the difficulties of a burglar. However, a dog is not enough to prevent a home burglary.

As mentioned above, thieves always do their homework (what good students they would have made, isn’t it?) – and they know when there is a dog in the house. As a result, they can either choose to invade the house when nobody (that is, both the residents and their dog are not at home) or they can also try to distract the dog with some tasty treats. And, honestly, what kind of dog would refuse a nice and juicy meat?

But, the worst scenario is when they choose to attack even when the dog is present and in the process, the dog is often injured.

Myth 5: Neighbourhood Watch Is Enough To Deter Burglars

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This is a prevalent misconception. If you think your eagle-eyed neighbor is enough to deter or catch a crime, then you are wrong. It would be best if you never relied on your neighbors for the safety of your own house. And, even if burglars are spotted by the neighbors, as the average burglaries often last only around 8 minutes, there will not be enough time to alert the authorities and have the criminal caught.

Will you use these tips to protect your house better now? Please share your comments!

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