A home is much more than just a physical structure. It is the place where you enjoy your Sunday breakfasts with your family. It is where you read bedtime stories to your kids and tuck them in at night. In other words, it is an asset that represents so much more for you and your family. But what are you doing exactly to protect it? Like many homeowners, you might have been falsely informed that you don’t need a home security system. But, today, we will help to debunk some of these misconceptions.

Myth 1: Home Security Is Too Expensive For Me

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If this were the 1950s, you might have a point (as indeed years ago, you had to pay a hefty sum of money to install a permanent home security system and then pay a huge monthly fee again for the monitoring service). However, during these recent years, these price barriers have broken down and today, technology has advanced so much that purchasing a reliable and high-quality home security system is much more affordable than before. For example, did you know that wireless cameras are very popular because they can be purchased at a very reasonable price?

Besides, the cost of damages from a burglary is much more financially draining compared to the cost of a comprehensive home security system. But, luckily for you, today, there are several home insurance providers that offer discounts for installing a home security system. But, of course, beware of those security systems companies that tend to lowball their price quotes.

Myth 2: I Already Have a Security System – My Dog

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Thinking that your dog will be an impenetrable force that will deflect potential intruders is just not realistic. We may love our loyal guard dogs, but remember, they are not perfect. It is true that a big guard dog can make a potential burglar run in the opposite direction, but they are not 100 % effective.

  • It is an undeniable truth that dogs can be easily distracted. For example, they can be easily swayed by treats or even sometimes by some small amount of attention.
  • And, even if they do act aggressively toward an intruder, they are most likely to be harmed (a sad truth).
  • If a door is kicked in, the alarm will go off and the authorities will be notified. However, keep in mind that your pet will never be able to contact emergency services.
  • As mentioned in a previous blog article, most home burglaries occur during the day. But even then, a barking dog will be ignored by neighbors, who will think that they are just barking as usual at a mailman or a passer-by.

And, honestly, do you think that your Pomeranian will be able to save you when your house is in flames or is attacked by burglars?

Myth 3: Police Will Respond Instantly to a Conventional Alarm System

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Unlike some, many conventional systems do not have a video verification and as these alarms tend to have a false alarm rate of 98 %, authorities do not give much priority to cases when there is no confirmation.

However, when it comes to security companies that offer genuine verification, police are usually dispatched at a much higher priority.

Myth 4: My Decades-Old Home Is Not Fit For a Security System

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Suppose you live in an old Colonial or Victorian house with solid walls where accessibility throughout the house is very challenging. If you think that your home is not built to accept the installation of any home security system because it would require lots of drilling and remodeling, then you are wrong.

In the past, there might have been a trace of truth to that belief, but today thanks to effective wireless technology, security systems can be installed in any home.

Myth 5: Home Security Systems Don’t Work When the Power Goes Out

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I am sure this misconception is based on obsolete or outdated security systems. But, the modern day’s security system does not need electricity or a phone line to stay active. For instance, battery-powered security cameras run on battery power and can continue to record even when there is a power outage. Moreover, there are even some security systems that use cellular radio technology, thus not being affected at all by a power outage.

Now, will you choose to install a home security system? Please share your comments!

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