When people think of security fences, the unattractive image that pops into mind includes tough brick walls topped with barbed wire. But with advancements in both design and technology, you can now create fences that serve their security purposes while being aesthetically pleasing.


Fence Height
An important factor that is usually forgotten is the fence height alone. A 4-foot chain link fence could suggest: “Why don’t you come in?”, whereas a 6-foot chain link fence can subtly and without any signage be saying: “Do not trespass!”


Fence Material
If you opt for a chain link fence, your property is completely susceptible to the gaze of others. It is also very easy to climb and not the best for security purposes unless you are planning to top the fence with one of the many fence toppers available. For a more private option, you could invest in wood, PVC, or vertically spaced iron posts that are both unfriendly to climbers and more design-friendly.


Fence Design
There is a wide range of design options available and you will be able to choose the perfect match for your taste, but one there are a few criteria you should consider first. Jay Fencing highlights six security features essential for every fence design, this includes:

  1. Durability against collisions
  2. Projectile resiliency
  3. Scaling deterrence
  4. Damage absorption
  5. Sounds protection
  6. Visibility privacy


By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to create the perfect security fence!

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