After doors, windows are the second most vulnerable aspect of your home. The main option considered when aiming to defend against intruders entering through your windows are burglar bars, but are they really worth it?


  • Burglar bars can ruin the aesthetics of your home’s architecture, and hinder the view you were able to have before the bars were placed.
  • Some believe that burglar bars might put off prospective buyers, as it may be read as a sign that the home is located in a high-crime area.
  • In case of an emergency, burglar bars may prevent emergency workers or law enforcement officials from gaining entry.


  • The major advantage would their ability to stop burglars from breaking and gaining access through windows, ensuring you are safe at home.
  • Contrary from seeing burglar bars as a sign of high crime, some residents’ anxiety about burglaries and home invasions may be assuaged by burglar bars giving them peace of mind. This can also raise the value of your home since potential buyers see a secure home as an excellent investment.
  • Additionally, burglar bars could prevent children from falling if your home has two or more levels.

With all the security advantages of burglar bars, the disadvantages could be forgotten by investing in smart design solutions.

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