How Do I Use A Spider Wrap?

Ever heard of a spider wrap? It’s a useful security device that can be wrapped around objects to prevent theft and can even sound an alert if tampered with.

As great as it sounds, many individuals fail to use this tricky device. So, here’s a guide on how to use a spider wrap.

How To Use A Spider Wrap?

How To Use A Spider Wrap?

Find The Locking Buckle And The Main Housing

The primary housing and the locking buckle of a spider wrap are two black rings between the wires. A little, square knob protrudes from the top of the locking buckle. The key pocket is a hole in the middle of the main housing on one side. The key pocket is made to suit the locking buckle’s square knob.

Unplug The Cords

Sideways turn the locking buckle. Insert the square knob at the end of the locking buckle into the key pocket in the main housing’s center. Turn the locking buckle clockwise for a quarter turn while pressing downward.

Take The Cords Out 

After unlocking the main housing, manually take out the cables by pulling apart the main housing and locking buckle. Stretch the cables as far as they need to go in order to wrap around the thing you’re fastening.

Line Up The Magnetic Key And The Locking Clip 

Your spider wrap has a magnetic key with two little knobs. On one side of the locking buckle, there are two holes. Insert the key’s knobs into the holes on the locking buckle.

Take The Male End Of The Locking Clip And Pull It Out 

Insert the key and press on the end of the locking buckle opposite the knob you used to open the wires. This unlocks the locking buckle’s “male end,” which is a little gadget fashioned like a “T.” Pull the male end slightly away from the locking buckle.

Wrap The Cords Around The Device 

Take the key out of the locking buckle. Place the item to be locked in the middle of the cables, between the locking buckle and the main housing. Check that the wires are not twisted or tangled and that they wrap around all edges of the product.

Turn The Flip Up Handle A Quarter Turn Clockwise

The main housing’s top may be turned upward to provide a little handle. Turn the top up and then clockwise on the handle. The cables will get tighter as a result of this. Continue rotating until the cables are snugly wrapped around the item. Make every effort to make the cables as tight as possible.

Each Side Of The Spider Wrap Should Be Sealed

Return the main housing’s handle to its original position. Turn the product over and re-insert the male end of the locking buckle until you hear a click. Your product is currently safely wrapped in spider wrap.

And, How To Remove The Spider Wrap?

Step 1: Take your hand key and fit the two knobs on the hand key into the two holes in the middle of the locking buckle once again.

Step 2: Push the key into the locking clasp with light pressure. Eventually, you should hear a click. The locking buckle’s male end will pop out.

Step 3: Remove the buckle’s male end. Keep in mind that the male end is the t-shaped device that extends from one end of the locking buckle. Remove the male end of the buckle and lay it aside for the time being.

Step 4: Take the product out of the spider wrap. The wires will get looser after the male end is removed. The goods should be easy to remove from the spider wrap.

Step 5: Wind the cords up again. Replace the male end of the locking buckle. Spin the handle on the main housing upwards and clockwise until you can no longer turn it. You may then store the spider wrap until you need it again.

Step 6: If you have misplaced your keys, please contact the firm. Without keys, it is impossible to remove a spider wrap. If you’ve misplaced your keys, contact the firm that created them. They may either mail you a replacement or show you how to remove the wrap without the keys.




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