– Choosing between the armored door block or door shield
– Criteria for selecting an armored door
– Entrance: armored doors for all tastes

Securing your home to avoid the risk of burglary

The armored door can be adapted to the different places that need to be secured: armored door, armored apartment door, armored cellar door, or armored garage door.

Burglary attempts in a single-family house are not always made through the front door, but it is advantageous to opt for an armored door to deter burglars and feel perfectly safe at home.

Choosing between the armored door block or door shield

There are two possible solutions to obtain an armored door: the armored door block or the door shield.

The armored door block is a complete steel unit (door + frame): it consists of a door entirely clad in steel and a frame (or sash) also in steel. This option requires the complete replacement of the door and frame.

Installing an armored door block causes some damage to the decoration of the entrance, especially when removing the old frame: Plaster, paint, wallpaper, etc.. The plaster is usually included in the estimate, but the rest is at your expense.

If you are buying new, the best is to plan your armored door as soon as you draw up your future home plan. For this, a qualified professional can come to your home to:

– take measurements;
– study the configuration of the premises;
– advise you to finalize your project.

Door shield: not often used in single-family homes

Shielded door block is the most efficient system, but some work needs to be planned. The shielding makes it possible to keep the existing door: a shielded frame is attached to the original one. In single-family homes, it is quite rare to consider this solution.

However, it can be considered if, for example:

– you have a lovely wooden door, sufficiently solid, which brings all its cachet to your facade, and you wish to preserve its external appearance;
– your home is subject to special regulations (such as subdivision, association, etc.).

Criteria for choosing an armored door

Before choosing one or the other model of armored door, certain elements must be taken into account.

A certified door: compliance with construction standards

The steel armored door block can be certified or not. It is the national center for prevention and Protection, which tests manufacturers’ models and grants their respective certification.

A certain number of elements are checked: steel quality, lock, hinges, resistance to tearing, drilling, etc. If only one feature is certified (the lock, for example), then the door block is not certified.

Note: Remember to look at the conditions required by your home insurance policy and included in the contract, depending on the type of home, its location, and the value of the insured property.

Choosing the type of lock: multi-point lock

Standards and performances: insulation, water tightness, etc.
The armored door must be equipped with a certified safety lock that has multiple locking points. As for a classic door, there are several characteristics and performances to comply with the construction standards in force:

– Door insulation: thermal insulation and soundproofing;
– protection against the spread of fire;
– tightness (air, water, wind).

The armored door’s exterior face, which is subject to the weather, must not corrode or be subject to the vagaries of time.

Entrance: armored doors for all tastes

On the market, the offer of armored doors is vast and diversified; many doors are available.
Today, there are all armored door styles, which allows a broader selection according to the facade. The possibilities of cladding and decorations range from the traditional wooden door to the ultra-contemporary and design door, through the glass door. The color of the door can even be different inside and outside, depending on your decoration.

Good to know: If you live in a housing estate or a protected area, remember to contact the syndicate or the town hall: you may be subject to color and material constraints for the facade, doors, windows, roof, etc.

If you wish, we can put you in touch with one or more door specialists. They will be able to understand your needs and offer you the best option and a quote according to your taste.

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