Motion sensor lights are one of the best security devices that can be installed in a house. So, what are motion sensor lights really? They consist of a small electronic eye that can detect motion from moving things that release heat waves and as a result, the light turns on and remain on for a specific amount of time or until the movement stops. Motion sensor lights are also widely used nowadays in sustainable urban buildings.

Let’s review some of its benefits together!


1. Apply Anywhere

Certain types of lighting are restricted to some parts of the house only. However, you won’t have such problems with motion sensor lights. They can be applied anywhere – kitchen cabinet, basement, garage and garden.

2. Easy to Install

If you are worried about the installation process of motion sensor lights, no worry! Some only require a peel and stick application procedure, while others can be fixed into existing light units. Some motion sensor lights can be installed by attaching them to any metal fixtures as they used magnets to work.

3. Convenient

Do you know that feeling where you enter a dark room and fumble around while looking for the light switch? It is more complicated and inconvenient for guests who are not familiar with the room. However, you won’t experience such difficulties with motion sensor lights as the lighting system automatically turns on when it detects movement. It is also beneficial when you have both hands loaded with grocery bags since you don’t need to look for the light switch.

4. Affordable

Motion sensor lights are an affordable means of home security. Compared to cameras, you will find them to be inexpensive and cheap to run. Moreover, as they can be installed easily by anyone, there is no need for huge installation costs.

5. Active Deterrents

If you live in an exceptionally dangerous neighbourhood, there might be many undesirables that can try to approach your house during the night, intending to break in and burgle your home. However, you can rest assured that motion sensor lights provide great security and act as active deterrents against criminal activities. If an intruder approaches your house, the lights will turn on, which will scare them away. It will prevent any home intrusion and any unlawful activities that may occur in your neighbourhood.

Furthermore, it can also deter unwanted animals at night and increase the safety of your home.

6. Energy-Saving

Has it ever happened that your kids left the lights on or you simply forget to turn them off? How much was your electricity bill then?

Compared to other lighting types, motion sensor lighting is a very energy-efficient system as motion sensors control it. Hence, if it does not detect any movement, the lights will automatically be switched off. Lights will only be on if someone is using that specific area. When the lights switch off automatically when not needed, it increases their working life and hence money is saved and not spent on light replacements.

Additionally, the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly feature of motion sensor lights help you save on electricity bills.

7. Children and Disability-Friendly

Compared to traditional light systems, motion sensor lights require no touch and can be used by small children and disabled people. Moreover, motion sensor lights provide a form of assistance to disabled people who need help and support to move across the house. They can see and move safely around.

8. No Need for Outdoor Lights

Motion sensor lights do not have any limits on the areas that they can be installed. They can be easily used as outdoor lighting and can illuminate dark backyards, porches and garages. It also provides a sense of safety and security for your garden at night.

9. Brightness

The light emitted by motion sensor lights can not only help to prevent home invasions but also injuries. For example, there are often rooms or basements in houses that have naturally a darker atmosphere and hence someone can easily trip or fall. Installing motion sensor lights in these places will help prevent such accidents and will also guide and protect small kids.

What do you think about motion sensor lights? A suitable means of home security? Please share your comments and don’t forget to come back for part 2 to learn more about them!

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