One of the typical concerns of those spending time away from home is the safety of their home. Be it when they go on vacation, a weekend outing, or simply leave the house alone the whole day because of work. Security cameras are essential to inhibit criminals’ actions and monitor what happens in the residence rooms and throughout the property.


Beyond asking a relative or neighbor to keep an eye on you or setting up a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), there’s an alternative that allows you to have security in the palm of your hand! Yes, you read that right! A system that combines alarms and cameras with an application that alerts if something is wrong through your smartphone (taking advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology).


Even if your smartphone is a few generations old, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Even the antiquated phone is still handheld, all thanks to advanced touch technology. So instead of tossing it away or selling it for less than what you initially paid for it, consider reusing it and turning your old smartphone into a security camera. Find out how below.


Benefits of Choosing A High-End Security System

If you want your home to be protected all the time, do not hesitate to install a well-integrated system of alarms and wireless cameras that will allow you to keep your home or business safe from anywhere and at all times.


#1. The Security of Your Home from a Cell Phone

The wireless video surveillance cameras will help you control every detail of what happens in your home. The modern technology offered by security companies will allow you to identify suspicious situations using your cell phone.


#2. Easy to Configure Systems

It does not take a long time or complicated procedures to configure alarms and security systems. The use of wireless equipment and internet connectivity will allow you to ensure your home’s safety quickly.


#3. Permanent Monitoring

A security company can help you with the security of your home. They even have specialized monitoring centers where they supervise and act if they perceive a suspicious activity in your absence. A high-quality system will also allow you to receive notifications of events or alarms in your home through the mobile application or email.


#4. Alert States

The home’s surveillance takes place in real-time, and if a criminal act happens, the corresponding authorities are alerted.


#5. Immediate Reaction

The companies that provide protection services have security professionals who will go to the point where the emergency is developing. The effective reaction system will prevent criminals from escaping from the guarded house, taking what does not belong to them.



Connected Surveillance

It is in your hands to take care of your family’s life and protect the properties that it has cost you so much effort to obtain. Today, the most common security equipment is IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, and they come prepared to connect to a wireless wi-fi network. They also come with a standard port to, if necessary, link to a wired network. The benefits of this digital connectivity are varied, but some key points can be highlighted:


  • You can monitor what is captured by the camera in real-time from a cell phone or a PC. And both from the local network itself and remotely, through the Internet.
  • Modern cameras can be configured to activate certain events (such as motion detection) and alert the user via email or notification on their cell phone.
  • Although the video can be recorded within the same camera in some models, the connectivity makes it easier to store it more securely (safe from any vandalism) on a computer, cell phone, tablet, and even in a space in the cloud.


Camera Formats

You can find a whole variety of video surveillance equipment on the market. Borne in mind that for homes, the main types of camera are as follows:


  • Compact bullet. Also known as “bullets,” they are characterized by their cylindrical shape, and their presence is generally evident, which is why they also have a deterrent value. They are widely used outdoors.
  • Dome. They are characterized by being inside a semi-sphere, which makes them discreet and suitable for interiors. They can be installed on ceilings or walls. Some, with the reinforced dome against rain and blows, also withstand the elements.


Both bullet and dome can be fixed or mobile using commands sent from an app on the smartphone. Many of them also integrate motorized lenses to zoom in and better frame suspicious objects, people, or situations.


See at Night

Night vision cameras record in color during the day, but when the light level drops, they automatically go into IR (infrared) mode, and the image is presented to the user in black and white. These cameras feature a series of small LED lamps around the lens. These elements emit infrared light, invisible to the human eye, but dramatically amplifies what the camera can detect at night. Separate IR illuminators are sold outdoors, further increasing the viewing range.


Gone was the time to increase the height of the wall and reinforce the lock on the gates to enhance the residence’s security. Nowadays, it is necessary to look for more efficient ways to find everything in place when returning home after a day of work or a trip. And turning your old smartphone into a security camera adds an extra layer of safety to your home!


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