Home security cameras have changed the face of home security over the past few years. They have made the entire process of installing home security systems easy, quick, affordable and also simple to use. Monitoring every square centimeter of your house can be costly and inefficient; it is hence a priority to ensure your cameras cover the most critical areas.

Front door

This is the obvious course for convicts to get entrance into your home, and the most common break-ins take place in this way. To ensure that no items get launched at the CCTV cameras, consider mounting the equipment at the second-floor level or putting a wire cage around it.

Back and side passages

Any section in your property is viewed as a potential channel for a criminal to get entrance into your private space. Have a couple of cameras arranged on all passages, as these are your most vulnerable spots. Yard and French portals are especially powerless against break-ins, so support their quality with thick glass and a well-put security camera.

Off-street windows

Windows that are not facing onto a clamoring street or road may bid criminals as there are no nosy eyes from individuals as a rule. Despite cameras, as an extra prosperity prerequisite, never dismiss your windows and keep them shut and dashed whenever you leave your house.


The garage is the most common access route for thieves. A camera facing the garage or parking space zone is excellent to find out if there are any signs of suspicious activity. You can also place the security camera inside the garage where the light from the opening door lights up the exterior. When placed inside, you can monitor not only any unauthorized entrance but also any accidental occurrence inside the garage, and the same goes for the basement as well.

Common areas

Commons areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens are also spots that you would want to monitor. If a burglar successfully evaded your outdoor security cameras, this will allow you to see what’s happening inside your home, especially when no one is around.

These are some of the most common and effective areas where cameras are placed. However, every home is different. This is why you need a custom security camera system and should opt for professional installation. DIY kits might cost less, but your system might not be completely effective when the cameras are not placed strategically.

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