Smart home devices are appliances that can be controlled remotely from a mobile device through an internet connection. These smart devices allow you to control functions such as security access to your home, temperature, lighting, and a home theater, no matter where you are. I am always interested in learning more about smart devices to improve my home. Is it the same for you? Which smart device do you think would most improve your lifestyle?

Smart speakers


The smart speaker is much more than a music-outputting peripheral as it runs on Wi-Fi and comes with a virtual assistant that is programmed to respond to your voice. Smart speakers come in compact sizes and fit easily anywhere in your home, for example, on a kitchen counter or a bedside table. Some also have touchscreen displays for you to view recipes and videos, while others offer high-quality sound. Likewise, some smart speakers have a built-in camera so you can make video calls with loved ones and even monitor your home when you are away. A smart speaker will also answer your questions on various topics, tell you the news, traffic, and weather, and even play games with your kids. Surprisingly, it also acts as a hub that will allow you to set routines and operate other compatible devices like bulbs, water heaters, and coffee makers. Plus, you can add skills to connect to more devices and do more.

Smart plugs


Smart plugs look like regular plugs and also fit into your existing wall outlets. They connect to your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network and enable you to control various appliances through their companion app or virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Once set up, smart plugs allow you to turn appliances on and off and even schedule them to start at a particular time. So, for example, you could set your water heater to turn on half an hour before you wake up or even turn on the slow cooker before leaving home and turn it off remotely when the cooking time is over. Therefore, using smart plugs is an easy and inexpensive way to automate your home. Some even let you monitor your energy consumption.

Smart bulbs


Smart bulbs are well known and very easy to use as you can just plug them into your wall socket and turn them on. They can light up in millions of colors and can be scheduled to turn on at specific times. Moreover, smart bulbs have evolved and now offer many ways to control lighting and create a colorful ambiance in your home. For instance, the best ones can sync with your video games, the movies you watch, and the music you love.

Smart Thermostats



Heating and cooling require substantial energy usage in a home. However, you can make significant savings with a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat works by learning how you use energy in your home, for instance, when you warm up your home and when you like to keep it cool. It then programs itself to give you maximum comfort while ensuring energy efficiency. It also has sensors that can detect when no one is around and control the environment accordingly. Amazingly, a smart thermostat can also be connected to your phone to track your location. So when no one is at home, it reduces the heat or cooling. And before you arrive, your home gets tuned to your preferred settings.

Smart cookers


A smart pressure cooker lets you cook a tasty meal with minimal effort as it is designed from many blended kitchen items. You can weigh food, chop it, mince it, and blend it in one single pot. You can also preheat the cooker from your phone. Furthermore, some smart cookers come with a steaming rack for food and even a touchscreen to tune settings. Likewise, high-end smart cookers come with a built-in cooking calculator with thousands of preset recipes to guide you through the cooking process.

Smart refrigerators


A smart refrigerator connects to other devices over Wi-Fi, and many of its functions can be controlled with your smartphone. Smart refrigerators have a built-in touchscreen to interact with them, view recipes and videos, and even use it as a photo display or a message board.

Some smart refrigerators also provide both hot and cold water. Hence, you just need to set the temperature and the amount of water, and you’ll get a notification when it is done. Surprisingly, some even have an internal camera so you can view the quantity of food inside without opening the door.

Smart showers


Smart showers can enhance your morning routine and refresh you for the day ahead as they are compatible with virtual assistants and can be controlled through your phone or via their digital controllers. Most importantly, smart showers are designed to save water. They also notify you when the set temperature is reached and pause the flow until you enter the shower. You also get smart rain showers with a few spray functions to choose from. Moreover, some even come with a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music while you bathe, while others also let you produce steam at specific temperatures.

Smart Mattresses


Smart mattresses are designed to give you a good night’s sleep as they boost your sleep comfort by regulating temperature and tracking your sleep through sensors. Smart beds can also adjust the bed’s firmness and position to your liking through air tubes with pressure sensors. Moreover, smart mattresses can also have different temperatures on each side. You will be delighted to know that the best smart mattresses also have speakers for music and massage features to relax you before you sleep.

Smart hub

Investing in a smart hub for control is a great idea, with several smart devices working together in your smart home system. A smart hub app lets you access all your rooms based on the devices in them. It also lets you add and connect many devices and control them through Alexa or Google Assistant.

I am totally amazed and so eager to get the latest smart devices for my home. My life will then be so easy and comfortable. I bet you are thinking the same and will surely join me in enhancing your home! Please share your experiences and comments below!

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