The home automation solution for the house is in full expansion following the multiple successes it meets with those who have already adopted it. When you decide to switch to this technology, you have to make choices only for your satisfaction and the life span of your installation. That said, choosing the right home automation system can be very complex. However, you must base your choice on specific criteria to get through it. We will tell you everything in this article.

Establish Your Needs

When you decide to connect your home through a home automation system, you need to set up a list of needs. These needs are nothing but the compartments of your home that need to be controlled by this technology.

In this regard, here are the points that the home automation system can control:

  • heating ;
  • lighting ;
  • watering ;
  • appliances ;
  • security ;
  • assistance to the elderly;
  • energy consumption.

Of course, there are other points that home automation systems can well manage. However, these are the most important. It is necessary to know that there are two home automation systems. You have those that can manage one of these specific points and others that are versatile.

Choosing the Home Automation Protocol

This device is essential because it is the one that allows you to connect all your devices to the box. In this sense, it is vital to consider some criteria to choose it well. The performance of your home automation system depends on its choice. In the past, the connection between wireless devices was only possible with proprietary protocols. Today, it is possible to choose more independent and more robust solutions to ensure good functionality to your connected home.

Indeed, you have a central system: the box, to which the other house devices are connected effortlessly. This innovation allows you to operate equipment from different brands on the same box. Moreover, it is very often advisable to equip yourself with devices from the same manufacturer before installing the home automation system.

The various brands involved in this sector are constantly innovating, always intending to make the connected home system more accessible and easier to use. That said, at all levels, the home automation system tends to be a profitable option.

Choosing the Home Automation Box

The home automation box is the central element to which all other equipment is connected. It is the one that coordinates the functioning of the connected house. It is therefore essential that its operation is continuous and adapted. To choose the home automation box, it is crucial to consider its autonomy. Indeed, it would not be advantageous if the operation of the connected home is interrupted at any time of the day. The objective is to have a permanent service.

Most manufacturers work to optimize the autonomy of their boxes so that they ensure the permanent connection of the house even without internet. Thus, the home automation box should not be interrupted by a power cut or an internet cut. However, it is important to ask the distributor or the manufacturer before buying your box.

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What Budget Should I Expect?

When we talk about budget, we must consider the equipment’s acquisition and installation. The cost of the equipment can vary depending on the brand and your needs. Each piece of equipment has its own cost and your budget will be defined according to the items that make up your equipment. However, it should be noted that the price of a home automation system is generally between 5 000 and 20 000 euros. In most cases, you get a free installation guide. If, however, you wish to use the services of a professional for the installation, it could cost you around 40 euros per hour.

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