Over the years, countless developments have occurred around the world in almost all fields.

Numerous factors such as the arrival of smartphones, the I.O.T (Internet of Things) and the rapid increase of cloud-based services have contributed as unexpected technological transformers. Likewise, there have been great advancements in Security Systems, leading people to either go for the traditional or modernized ones.

The industry has experienced a few major changes, which have caused the traditional security market to transfer into modernised/interactive security. This provides better monitoring services along with interactive facilities for the enjoyers. According to www.strategyanalytics.com, there will be less traditionally secured houses than modernly/interactively secured ones by 2020.

Traditional Security Systems v/s Modern Security Systems.

Traditional Security Systems

Traditional security systems comprise of Home Security Guards and Manual Assembly of basic CCTV systems. They are still used by many people.

i. Hiring home security guards is considered to be one of the most trusted traditional methods of safety and shielding one’s property. Even though the human sense is fast and engaging, it is not possible for security guards to screen a property the whole day and night. Moreover, we cannot rely on them when they slumber in the middle of the night, exposing one’s property to thefts and invasions.

ii. Setting up simple, manual assembly systems of security require loads of wires and cables, requiring long hours to install, wire and connect them. To install them in proper angles and directions, it requires a professionally trained installer. Now, the key cards that help to view cameras can be easily stolen and as they are fully wired, interruptions can occur to the connections.

Modern Security Systems

Modern/Interactive Security Systems have forever changed the scene by creating several hybrids and flexible solutions adapted to the changing needs of customers. These are mostly being opted nowadays because of the activity alerts, automatic controls, 24/7 check and all-time surveillance services that we enjoy. These comprise Panels, Door/Window Sensors, and Video Surveillance Cameras.

i. Security panels are the brains of the entire system comprising wireless sensors that check and look after the entire functioning of automatic security alarm systems.


ii. Door / Window Sensors form part of the essential security systems. Modern door/window sensors keep all the areas of one’s property under its complete control.

These are operated as motion detectors such as opening and closing of gates, disruption with senses. They create a magnetic field around to alert the security panel to blow the alarm in case of invasions.


iii. Video Surveillance Cameras have made inspecting easier and realistic with their accompanied high-resolution cameras. Now, compared to infrared image formation and detections, checking our houses while out on a vacation has become very easy through digital access to the cameras via laptops or even smartphones.

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