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A promising market that sweeps away preconceived ideas.

Robotic vacuum cleaners were already programmable and allowed to delegate to the power of robotics and electrical circuits all the house cleaning. Connected vacuum cleaners go even further, as they can be started and monitored remotely—however, their price increases with the number of their functions.

Presentation of the connected vacuum cleaner

The connected vacuum cleaner is a more advanced version of the robot vacuum cleaner. Like it, it must master a combination of complex elements. A robot vacuum cleaner is a technological amalgam of sensors (images, sounds, pressure resistance), automatisms triggering “actuators”, haptic interfaces to grasp objects. These pneumatic valves regulate the suspension, and artificial intelligence algorithms take into account the randomness of the human environment.

The connected vacuum cleaner vacuums a precise area of the room: it is possible to delimit it with sensors or magnetic strips. A triangulation allows it to find its way in space and return to its base to recharge or when its bin is full. The wheels (or tracks) that facilitate its movement allow it not to slow down in front of small obstacles like carpets. However, beware of electrical cables that can block it.

Good to know: the connected vacuum cleaner must be able to experiment with alternative cleaning “strategies”. It is, therefore, the starting point of a new stage in home automation software…

How connected vacuum cleaners work

Connected Vacuum Cleaners

Previously, it was necessary to manage the programming of the vacuum cleaner from its base, an operation that sometimes required a certain amount of time. The connected vacuum cleaner aims to simplify this process. It connects to Wi-Fi so that it can receive commands remotely. It will now be possible to start the computer from the workplace, at the same time as you invite your colleagues!

The communication between the smartphone (or tablet) and the connected vacuum cleaner is done through a dedicated application (iOS or Android as a rule). This makes it much easier to schedule the subsequent vacuuming sessions, right down to the day and time.

The app also lets you know when the vacuum has finished its task. The autonomy of these devices varies from 40 to 90 minutes on average, depending on the efficiency of their battery or their suction power.

Price of a connected vacuum cleaner

While robot vacuum cleaners are becoming less and less expensive and it is now possible to find efficient models for less than 400 €, connected vacuum cleaners cost about double that, ranging from $700 to $1,000 on average. The brands that manufacture robot vacuums are generally the same as those that offer these more advanced connected versions.

As these devices are still relatively new on the market, this aspect is far from negligible. It is still possible to buy them abroad at a lower cost: connected vacuum cleaners can be found in Asia for as little as $300. However, you have to be prepared to deal with an unfamiliar language application and find a power adapter for the vacuum cleaner’s charging base. And you can’t count on any after-sales service or warranty.

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