How to Secure Your New Home After a Move?

After a move, getting back on track is the ideal way to live more serenely. This implies securing your home. Indeed, the increasing number of burglaries encourages tenants to equip their homes with protection systems to prevent and reduce the risk of burglaries. Different methods are available on the market; whether it is an armoured door, an alarm, or a remote surveillance system, it will undoubtedly dissuade thieves. It will be advisable to choose excellent quality equipment to be able to take advantage of its effectiveness. To do so, call on a qualified person.

Securing your new home with an armoured door

The front door is an essential element in a home. It is a sensitive point since it is where burglars go to infiltrate a house in most cases. Moreover, it is known that the kidnappers always do some scouting before taking action. Therefore, by installing an armoured door, you will deter thieves from the outset. This type of door is entirely inviolable. The most belligerent of thieves will not be able to force their way in.

Securing your new home with airtight shutters

Windows are also a sensitive part of a home. By installing airtight shutters that are perfectly insulating, you will be able to protect your home against any ill-intention person who might try to break into it. To secure your new home, opt for aluminum shutters known for their strength and durability. This type of shutter is also suitable for securing business premises.

Secure your new home with an interactive alarm

How to Secure Your New Home After a Move?

Securing your new home also involves installing an interactive alarm that you can control remotely from your smartphone. This is a 100% effective security system. Generally speaking, it consists of a motion detector, a door or window opening detection system, and an advanced alert system. Depending on the manufacturer, each interactive alarm solution can include many options. Some models trigger a recorded alert if burglars attempt to break in, turn on the lights and simultaneously send a signal to your smartphone. Some security devices go so far as to broadcast a highly opaque fog into the home to throw off kidnappers until law enforcement arrives. Other interactive surveillance systems also offer other benefits, such as carbon monoxide, smoke, or water damage detection.

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How do you choose the right surveillance system for your new home?

Choosing the right surveillance system for your new home will depend on many factors, as the weak points differ from one home to another. In order not to make a mistake, ask for the services of a professional. After having proceeded to an inventory of fixtures, he will determine the security device that will suit you best. By visiting the premises, he will carry out an accurate security audit. This will allow him to evaluate the possible passages that a burglar could use, whether it is a window or a door. He will then be able to advise you on the best protection. It will also be the occasion to highlight the obligatory passages such as the corridors and the landings and the zones that require increased monitoring.

Armoured doors, tight shutters, and an interactive alarm system are complementary measures. Why not implement them simultaneously for maximum security? By doing so, you will let go of your daily routine and live more serenely in your new home.

Hope this post has given you an idea of what security system should fit your needs more appropriately. Please, remember to share your experience in the comments below. We would like to hear from you!

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