The protection of a home is essential. To succeed, we can use several means, such as implementing security services, guarding, and installing motion detectors or surveillance cameras that are in vogue at the moment. The latter is suitable for any use (in public or private places, even in the most inaccessible areas).

Surveillance cameras exist in several categories. Here are those that are the most trendy and operational:

The Dummy Camera

It is a camera with a light that allows fighting against burglaries and thefts. This camera is equipped with a screen to broadcast the recorded videos, an alarm, and a motion detector for effective remote monitoring. In addition, this type of camera is suitable for any location (inside or outside your apartment).

The different categories of dummy cameras are :

– Bw Outdoor Indoor Fake Dummy

– Smartwares 10.016.07 CS88D for indoor

– the Toroton with solar panel

– the Fishtec Outdoor Solar CCTV

– the Visortech

– the Alfaview solar powered

– the Renkforce 1325938

– the Xingxing 30 LED

– Maxesla Fake Seekool Dummy

To promote the defensive function, please install this camera so that everyone can see.

Infrared Camera

This camera has a thermal function that can record video and images in different circumstances, especially in the dark. Indeed, vehicle drivers use it to detect pedestrians or animals better in dark areas. Likewise, for the police and the army, infrared cameras help them fight against poaching in an area at night.

This type of camera is also beneficial in the following areas:

– construction works to facilitate the detection of weak parts in the thermal insulation of an apartment;

– medicine to detect sick people in a public place;

-the environment to evaluate the state of fauna and flora;

– research and industry to find any anomaly during the control;


Apart from that, the infrared camera has two different categories, namely:

– the camera with an uncooled thermal sensor that works by the variation of the current;

– the camera with a cooled thermal sensor (a photographic sensor enclosed in a vacuum amplifier and emits infrared in itself). This model is recommended to support the safety of night.

CCTV Systems: An Introduction to Security Video Surveillance

The Analog Camera

Firstly, analog cameras provide a high-quality image that can be seen on simple interfaces (digital recorder, simple TV, computer with acquisition card). Secondly, this type of camera is a genuine sensor of analog signals transmitted to the video recorder using a coaxial cable.

In sum, the analog camera is less expensive, available in several references to choose from, and is adapted to the needs of the general public for optimal security.

The IP Camera

The IP camera involves monitoring linked to the Internet, which allows the protection of one or more areas simultaneously. This is a great advantage for users because they can monitor their apartments anytime and anywhere. All you need is an internet connection or a wifi network.

For the ideal protection of your home, access the best categories of IP cameras like:

– the fixed IP camera, to monitor a particular area;

– the motorized dome IP camera, controllable and suitable for any location;

– the IP camera housing, which contains many lenses;

– the PTZ dome IP camera, which can be tilted 360° and is very practical for following a suspect;

To conclude, we advise you to use one of these cameras for optimal security. These are the most adequate in terms of protection. Moreover, they have a good quality video.

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