Turn On the Light Without Your Hands. It's Magic!

Turn On the Light Without Your Hands. It’s Magic!

The primary goal of domotics is to make your home more intelligent, practical, and energy-efficient, all while adding a dash of fantasy.


 True, large-scale robotic installations aren’t always the best buys, but you can find small-scale equipment that will make your life easier while saving you money on your hydro bill. You’ll be able to make your home more functional and modern without spending a lot!

Yeah, you read it right. Turn on the light without your hands!

 Are you tired of looking for the light switch in the living room, your bedroom, or your hallway, of dropping your groceries while trying to turn on the hallway light or of forgetting to turn it off, etc.? Opt for the automatic light that turns on and off as if by magic. It’s convenient, but also more economical: no more lights being turned on indiscriminately.

There are different models:

 – The automatic switch:

 ◦ It is equipped with a motion sensor: the light turns on as soon as you enter the room, it turns off as soon as you leave it. And all this without tiring you a phalanx.

 ◦ It combines automatic and manual operation.

 ◦ For $80, it will light up your living rooms.

 – The automatic beacon switch:

 ◦ It is not intended to light a room but to mark out, as the name suggests, a hallway or stairway when you are moving around at night to go to the bathroom or get a night snack.

 ◦ A switch has a motion sensor and four LEDs. For the button to activate, the passageway must be plunged into darkness.

 ◦ This type of switch costs about twenty dollars.

 The infrared LED lamp:

 ◦ It is equipped with a motion detector, so it turns on in your presence and turns off after 30 seconds without movement.

 ◦ Unlike the beacon switch, it sufficiently illuminates the room in which it is placed. Therefore, it is ideal for all rooms of passage type entrance, cellar, corridor, toilet, attic, parking, etc.

 ◦ The little extra: this lamp is equipped with 39 low-energy LED bulbs, saving additional energy.

 ◦ Its cost per unit is about $30.

 – The storage space nightlight:

 ◦ It is another alternative to the infrared LED lamp for lighting closets, cabinets, dressing room, etc.

 ◦ It also works with a motion sensor and costs about $15.

 An automatic faucet, and the water stops flowing!

Turn On the Light Without Your Hands. It's Magic!

 Your water bill makes you cry your eyes out, and you vow to be more careful in the future. The foolproof way to save real money can be summed up in two words: automatic faucet. Convenient, environmentally friendly, and hygienic, you won’t have to turn on your taps anymore and no more waste. You will be able to respect your promise without effort because it will allow you to save at least 50% of water, that is to say, up to $15 for a family of 4.

 There are two options:

 – The infrared sensing automatic faucet:

 ◦ As soon as you put your hands under the faucet, the water flow starts, and conversely, it stops as soon as you remove them.

 ◦ So the faucet delivers only what you need in water.

 ◦ You no longer have to touch the faucet, which limits the exchange of bacteria.

 ◦ Installation is simple: it attaches to the sink, in place of your old faucet, with a simple nut.

 ◦ It is equipped with a box connected to the electrical network because infrared detection must be supplied with energy.

 ◦ You will find this type of tap starting at $70 minimum.

 – The infrared flow meter, even simpler despite its complicated name:

 ◦ It works under the same principle as the infrared tap; the installation differs since it is attached directly to a standard tap (22 mm head) already installed.

 ◦ Two possible modes of use: automatic or manual.

 ◦ 4 standard AAAA batteries power it.

 ◦ An infrared flow meter costs between $30 and $60.

Want to read more? We’ll be coming up with a new post soon. Stay posted!

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