A fire in an apartment usually causes property damage and can sometimes cause loss of life. To better manage the situation, you need to adopt the right actions. To learn a little more, read the following article.

Have the Right Reflexes

Calling the fire department is the first thing to do as soon as you detect a fire in your apartment. Then, you must set off the fire alarm (if it has not been done automatically) to alert the other occupants of the building. If your apartment is not equipped with such a device, have one installed by an electrical expert. Next, turn off the electricity and gas.

Try To Put Out the Fire

If the fire is starting, you should try to put the fire out while waiting for help. If the fire is in your oven, turn it off and shut off the power. This is usually the hose that is connected to the meter. If it is your pan that is catching fire, cover it with a metal lid. Be careful! Do not pour water on a kitchen fire or run the burning pot under the tap. If the flames spread into your living room and start to reach the curtains, pull them down, and it will be easier for you to put out the flames. Opt for fireproof curtains and avoid installing electrical outlets behind your curtains to protect yourself from certain risks. Professional electricians will be able to determine the best places to place them.

Use the Right Equipment

To extinguish a fire, you need the right equipment. These include:

The Fire Extinguisher

It contains foam that is used to limit the spread of a fire. However, be aware that this equipment is not recommended for putting out kitchen fires or burning electrical appliances.

Fire Blanket

Particularly adapted to extinguish a kitchen fire or an electrical fire, it has the particularity to deprive the fire of oxygen. It is also recommended to cover a person whose clothes are affected by flames. Make sure you have this equipment readily available in case of fire.

Evacuate the Premises

When the situation is out of control, it is useless to insist on putting out the fire. You must evacuate the premises as soon as possible. If your apartment is on an upper floor and the flames trap you, take refuge in a room and close it off until help arrives. If the smoke begins to pass under the door and starts to invade the whole space, lie down on the floor and cover your nose and mouth with a wet handkerchief. If your apartment is near the main exit, evacuate the premises as soon as possible.

Rescue People

If the flames have reached your clothes, do not panic. Roll around on the floor and avoid running. Keep your clothes on, as they may stick to your skin if you try to remove them. If the fire reaches another person, immediately wrap them in a cotton or wool blanket. Afterward, cool the burns with warm water on the victim for 15 minutes. This will reduce the temperature of the skin and minimize the possible effects of the burns.

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