4 Bad House Habits That Attract Burglars

Usually, we all expected house burglaries to be lower because more of us were at home due to the current pandemic. However, just like how we adapted, home intruders have also. And, this explains why last year’s statistics reveal that 58% of burglaries actually happen when most people were at home during the coronavirus lockdown. Not what you’d expect!

The mere thought of a home burglary sends shudders down my spine.

Honestly, I know it would be a stab to the heart to discover your house turned upside down like it was hit by hurricane Katrina, with all your valuable stuff gone. And, what about your precious family? How would they feel knowing that complete strangers with felonious intentions have broken into their safe haven?

Well, I am sure you want to avoid becoming part of this year’s statistics, right?

But, if you really don’t want your home to be a target for home invaders, here are some common habits you need to avoid.

Habit 1: Let the Grass Grow

Habit 1: Let the Grass Grow

Imagine this: It’s the summer season, you are going on vacation and there will be no one to mow the yard for you.

Overgrown bushes, tall grass or patchworks of dirt can not only lower the value of your property, but they are also signs that no one is home, which can eventually increase the chances of a thief noticing your home and casing it.

Plus, consider this: home intruders like to work in shadows, remaining unseen by potential witnesses and obviously, a yard that’s seen better days will make it easier for an intruder to break into your house.

And, even the US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics say so!

Habit 2: Lights Off

Habit 2: Lights Off

You are about to leave for a night out with your friends. You switch off all the lights of the house. It’s now pitch dark. As you go out, you see your neighbour’s lights peeking through the windows. You stop and then you wonder: Is it possible for a burglar to choose to break into my dark house rather than my neighbour’s bright house?

I can’t speak for all burglars, but I’m sure, once they notice that lights are off, some of them assume that the homeowners are either not home or sleeping.

If you don’t want your house to be the next target, make sure to leave the porch and garage lights on. You can also install motion sensor lighting in all entrances and walkways.

Habit 3: Leave Everything on the Table

Habit 3: Leave Everything on the Table

Experts claim that it can take an average of 8-12 minutes for a thief to break into a home, steal and get out. You see, home invaders will always try to do things as fast as possible, eliminating the possible risks of running into homeowners.

But, if you are going to keep all of your valuable items like your keys and jewelry in plain sight on the table, it would just make things more convenient and easier for the burglar.

Inexpensive items like cheap and fake jewelry can be kept visible to avert the thief’s attention, but expensive ones should be kept in a safe or in plastic bags and stored under the bed.

Habit 4: No Sign of Security

Habit 4: No Sign of Security

If this were the 1900s, people would have laughed at the idea of paying a large sum of money to install a permanent home security system and then paying another large monthly fee for monitoring service. However, today a home security system is a must.

Not that I’m saying that it is a 100 % burglar deterrent, but if your home doesn’t look protected from the outside, it can easily attract burglars.


So, start avoiding these habits and your home will indeed be a “safe haven”. 




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