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– Principle of the connected intercom

– Intercom and smartphone: for what use?

– The components of the home automation intercom system

– The connection of connected intercoms

– Price of a connected intercom kit.

The connected intercom is an intelligent door opening system connected with your smartphone. Far from being a gadget, its uses are numerous and exciting. Its price has been democratized, and it is even available for you to install it yourself.

Principle of the connected intercom

This object is no longer a science fiction product. Very real, it already equips many constructions. If the first use of the connected intercom remains the opening of the entrance door, common or individual, without having to move, the analogy with the old intercoms stops here.

Gone are the vaguely designed plastic rectangles with two big buttons. A connected intercom is a beautiful object, a fundamental element of a home automation installation, generally wireless, which finds its place in all interiors. The shapes the capacities are increasingly varied.

They have many functions, the first being coupled with an application on a smartphone that allows you to control everything from your mobile. Of course, as in the case of a simple intercom, you must have a door with an electric strike, so you can open it without operating a handle.

Intercom and smartphone: for what use?

Do you need to receive a package that does not require a signature and you are not sure to be present? No need to worry. Wherever you are, the intercom will trigger a phone call on your smartphone or tablet. Once connected, you will authorize the opening of the door through your phone.

Another use is as a video transmission device. Monitoring the interior of your home, allowing audio or video calls to be made outside using an outstanding image quality thanks to the fixed position and sound, calling from the first floor a room upstairs without having to go up (or screaming down the stairs…), all this becomes child’s play.

Security is not forgotten; it can automatically take a photo or video recording when a visitor activates it.

The components of the home automation intercom system

Home Automation Intercom System

An external module allows the person wishing to enter to make the request. An interior module enables the visitor to communicate with the system and respond positively to the request. The interior module is connected to the smartphone. This one can sometimes retransmit the images of the interior module directly, without anyone having to push any button, simply by calling from the smartphone.

The smartphone must have a dedicated application, which varies according to the brand of the intercom. Some offer an indoor module that looks like a tablet hanging on the wall and has many of the same features: touch screen, audio, video, saves numbers that you can call by simply touching the screen, documents that you can view on the screen (technical instructions for other devices, recipes) and connection with the Internet.

Through Wi-Fi, the intercom can become the central piece of your home automation installation, an actual home automation screen connected to all the other parts of the system and controlled with the appropriate applications.

The connection of connected intercoms

Packed with intelligent systems, they are all designed to be easily installed and used. The connection is made via an Ethernet cable or, increasingly, via Wi-Fi. A simple setup, and you’re done! You then need to pair your phone, much like you do with Bluetooth accessories.

Some models are plugged into the mains, and others have a battery (batteries) to facilitate installation. You have to follow the instructions of the device to position it, fix it and connect it.

Price of a connected intercom kit.

The connected intercom is available from about $100 for a basic model but expect $400 for a tablet-type model. These prices do not include installation: expect $300 to $1,000 for a professional installation, depending on the work done.

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