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    – Home automation device: what is it?

    – Some examples of home automation devices

    – Home automation devices: between robots and smartphones!

    – Price of home automation devices

Today home equipment has become home automation devices, i.e. programmable with the help of added boxes. In that sense, the exponential growth of the connected home market has led to the appearance of connected devices specifically designed to be integrated into a home automation installation.

What is a home automation device?

The smart home, or connected home, allows you to transform all your everyday objects into connected home automation devices linked to each other and interacting with your entire home automation installation.

Connected devices are connected to a home automation box, controlled or triggered remotely, for example, on your tablet or smartphone.

Some examples of home automation devices

Independently of kitchen and bathroom appliances (coffee maker, oven, dishwasher, MAL, water heater…) sold in models that are already programmable, home automation allows you to generalize automation to your equipment, to perform or anticipate actions and to control your whole house remotely:

    – heating with the connected thermostat and connected radiators;

    – audio and video with the home cinema, the connection of music, televisions, etc.;

    – the garden with the lawnmower, flower pots, watering the lawn, the barbecue, lighting, the connected vegetable garden, etc. ;

    – all your openings: motorization of shutters, gates, garage door, etc.;

    – the bathroom with toilets, showers, toothbrushes, mirrors, heaters, water, etc.;

    – the swimming pool with the management of water, heating, cleaning, etc.

Home automation devices: between robots and smartphones!

Home Automation Devices

Think of the new generation of interactive home appliances.

Startups and manufacturers constantly concoct new devices for the connected home, such as the connected refrigerator or home automation robots.

Communicating refrigerator

Remotely controllable with smartphones and tablets, the new generation refrigerator surfs on the connected home networks. Equipped with a home automation screen, linked to an application or directly connected to an operating system (such as Microsoft Windows, for example), it allows us to:

    – play a video, a playlist, connect to our smartphone, make a Skype or search for information on a search engine;

    – watch TV or monitor the baby’s room;

    – detect the latest ingredients and order them at the store;

    – identify expired products, etc.

Home automation robots

Home Automation Devices

Robots have entered our connected homes, such as the home automation vacuum cleaner, the floor scrubber, the pool cleaning robot, the cat litter robot, the drone or even the domestic robot.

Note: owners of recreational drones under 250 g or over 25 kg do not need to be registered but require a special flight operations certificate instead.

Price of home automation devices

The price of a home automation installation is not quantifiable globally since it is custom-made, and the cost of the network depends on the home. As far as the price of a home automation box is concerned, it varies between $100 and $400 approximately. For the sensor devices, the prices are between 20 and $300.

Here are some examples of costs of home automation devices:

    – Motorization of shutters: from $50 to $500.

    – Lawnmower robot: from $500 to $2500.

    – Connected vacuum cleaner: from $400 to $1,000.

    – Connected pool kit: from $50 to $500.

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