When it comes to home security, we often forget about the fact that technology has advanced a lot and it can be useful to us as well as to our home. Home security and home automation go hand in hand, thus making it easy for you to be connected to your house even when you are miles away! Well, there are some crazy home security ideas that could work if you want to have a fully automated home.



• Laser Tripwire
This device makes it impossible for an intruder to go unnoticed. It takes the photo of the intruder, tweets it and then monitors with a surveillance system.

• Personal Drone
Drones are the wave of the future and having a personal drone will soon be similar to having a mailbox. This gadget can launch itself into the sky, record video and return to you on its own. This is perfect for keeping around your home when you’re away.

• Robot Spy Dogs
Imagine a dog taking videos and talking to the burglars! Well, there is the robot spy dog that will guard your house in case of any intrusion or burglary. Built to function on any terrain, this robot spy dog helps securing your house in the best way. It is enough to frighten away even the most solid of the burglars.

• Cellphone Operated Locks
It is no wonder that you might one day lock yourself out of your house! With an innovative home automation service, you can install a smart door lock, which will allow to unlock and lock your door. You just have to do it with a button press on your smartphone!

Do you know any crazier home security ideas?

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